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A Huge Collection Of Original Creations of
Elements, Sections, Pages & Templates For Figma 

Stop Designing Websites and Apps from scratch, We providing world class reusable Designs that help's you to 10x your Design Speed.

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We Have
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How to Use ?

Start by copying the desired design from Then, paste it directly into your Figma file. Once it's pasted, you can easily edit and customize the design to fit your specific needs.

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Copy from
Step 1
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Paste on your Figma File
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Edit the Design
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Who can use ?

Produce UI caters to web designers of all levels, offering reusable designs that can significantly expedite the design process and improve the overall quality of web projects.

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Ideal for newcomers looking to kickstart their web design journey with user-friendly reusable designs from Produce UI

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Designed to support proficient designers within teams with customizable reusable designs for polished web projects

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Empowering expert design teams with advanced reusable designs for the intricate and refined web solutions

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A valuable resource for startup teams seeking to establish a strong online presence quickly and efficiently with reusable designs

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Mid - Level Company

Perfect for mid-sized company teams aiming to enhance their website's aesthetics and functionality using reusable designs

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Large Company

Tailored for large enterprise teams, providing scalable reusable designs for complex web development endeavors

What’s Interesting ?

What's interesting about Produce UI is its ability to revolutionize your design process by offering a vast collection of pre-made design assets, empowering you to create stunning websites more efficiently than ever before

170+ Elements

Fundamental design building blocks of website.
170 Text SVG

1100+ Sections

Distinct and organized part of a web page
1100 Text SVG

140+ Pages

Complete, standalone designed Page of Website
140 Number Image

22+ Templates

Pre-designed websites in Specific Theme and Category
22 Image

100% Build With Auto Layout

Ensuring Flexibility and Responsiveness in all Designs
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Well-organized Designs

Correctly organized and appropriately named for efficient use
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Folders allows you to categorize and organize designs for easy access
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Available To Copy in
3 Screen Sizes
Desktop - 1920px width
Website Template Desktop Example
Laptop 1440w
Website Template Laptop Example
Mobile 390w
Website Template Mobile Example

Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ section, find answers to common queries, and for further assistance, reach out to us at, ensuring a smooth experience with our products and services

Why I need Produce UI ?

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Produce UI is essential because it provides you with a comprehensive library of Elements, Sections, Pages, and Templates, eliminating the need to start your designs from scratch. This translates to a significant reduction in your design time, transforming weeks of work into mere hours.

What are Components ?

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Produce UI components are composed of elements and sections designs, These modular components offer the capability to enhance your existing website design seamlessly and efficiently, harnessing the power of Produce UI Components for effective improvements.

What are Pages ?

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Pages of Produce UI are pre-designed, fully completed individual page design. You can easily copy these pages from Produce UI and customize their content and style according to your preferences, enabling you to expedite the design process efficiently and achieve a polished result swiftly.

What are Templates ?

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Templates are pre-designed, complete websites within a specific theme. We offer the option to either copy individual pages from the template or download the entire template, providing a convenient and ready-made foundation for your web design projects.

How Frequently You will upload designs ?

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We upload new designs every month, ensuring a consistent influx of fresh and valuable resources for our users.

How to copy and paste designs into Figma ?

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To copy and paste designs into Figma from Produce UI, utilize our search pages for components, pages, and templates to choose the desired design. Click the "copy" button for the needed screen size, which copies the Figma Design to your clipboard. Then, in your Figma design file, simply paste it using "cmd + v" (Mac) or "ctrl + v" (Windows) anywhere within your File.

How Does Support Work ?

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Our support system at Produce UI is designed to provide you with timely assistance and solutions. You can reach out to our support team via email at We are committed to addressing your inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a smooth experience with our products and services. Feel free to contact us whenever you need assistance, and we'll be here to help.

How Payment Works ?

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We utilize LemonSqueezy to handle payments for Produce UI. We offer the flexibility of using credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal as payment methods.

In which browser Produce UI will work ?

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Produce UI will work only on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

What makes Produce UI Unique ?

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What sets Produce UI apart is its focus on real-world use cases, emphasizing the quality of designs over quantity. This dedication to creating designs that are tailored to practical applications distinguishes Produce UI in the world of web design resources.